On Slovenia beaches over 20,000 cigarette butts were collected along the Slovenia coast in just two hours. Please take them with you.

Slovenia Beaches - Cigarette butts on the Slovenian Coast

Slovenia has a reputation for being a clean, litter free country. And that includes its beautiful coastline. The vast majority of people respect this and take their rubbish with them. You will hardly see any litter along the beaches or floating in the sea or on any of the Slovenia beaches. But what you will see hundreds of, are cigarette butts.

At Strunjan Beach this example is on display. 20,000 cigarette butts collected along the coast in just 2 days.

Why is it that many of the same people who do respect nature and do take away their rubbish think that it is perfectly okay to discard their cigarette ash and flick their butts into the sea or buy them in the sand or pebbles? There is no excuse for it.

Now we at Slovenian Adventures are not saying you cannot smoke on the beach. It is, however, very easy to take a portable ashtray with you, or some kind of metal container with a lid on in which you can dispose of your ash and butts and then take it all away and dispose of it along with all your other rubbish.

This article on National Geographic tells you how cigarette butts are toxic plastic. Trillions of them are thrown to the ground every year. Cigarette butts leach nicotine and heavy metals before turning into microplastic pollution. The plastic and chemicals in these butts are hazardous to marine life, who eat them believing they are morsels of food.

Please help keep Slovenia’s coast, beaches and the beautiful Adriatic Sea clean and not force the wildlife to swim in and eat these, or our children to have to play among them. And that also goes for the rest of this beautiful world we live in.

Thank you from slovenianadventures.com

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