Responsible Tourism

Travel in Slovenia has always been safe. Crime has been and remains low. It’s safe to walk the streets at night, and the chances of being mugged, robbed or harassed are all very low according to national statistics.

Also, when it comes to sustainable tourism Slovenia has always been an example to look up to. In 2016 it was crowned world’s most sustainable country by
National Geographic’s World Legacy Award. Slovenia has since received numerous awards for its commitment to green and sustainable travel and tourism.

Safety, responsibility and security have always been at the heart of the country’s ethos. Therefore it’s no surprise that from the very start of the Covid19 outbreak, Slovenia was quick to act.

Safety Measures put in place

In Slovenia the government has eased the lockdown and put safety measures in place to protect both locals and tourists who travel in Slovenia.

At the start of the pandemic in Europe, Slovenia was one of the first to halt travel,  immediately shut its borders and enforce a national lockdown. As a result, infection numbers have remained low and deaths even lower (1739 infections – 111 deaths at the time of writing).

Slovenia was the first EU nation to declare an end to the Covid19 epidemic and began to ease the lockdown in mid May. In early June the government began to reopen its borders and travel to Slovenia resumed. However, strict regulations have since remained in force. The government is continually monitoring the situation and adapting rules and restrictions accordingly to ensure it curbs the spread.

A country rich in vitamin D

Sunrise view across Lake Bled to the island church and clifftop castle from Ojstrica as the run rises beside Storzic and Kocna mountains, Slovenia.
Sunrise view across Lake Bled to the island church and clifftop castle from Ojstrica as the run rises beside Storzic and Kocna mountains, Slovenia.

Slovenes in general are a healthy bunch, and very active. They love to be outdoors and you’ll regularly see them hiking, cycling, running and doing all manner of sports and activities. That combination of activity and outdoor life could be the very thing that has helped mitigate the spread of Covid19.

Being outdoors and getting lots of sun means plenty of vitamin D. It’s been proven in studies that Vitamin D helps boost your resistance to respiratory illnesses and is a natural protector against Covid19.

Slovenia is on the sunny side of the Alps, and in summer you’ll get plenty of sunshine wherever you go. In fact, it’s pretty sunny most of the year round.

Tourism providers working together

The Slovenia Tourist Organization is working together with all tourism providers and destinations to help them implement safety standards and protocols. These are subsequently marked with the Green & Safe label.

Additionally, in the spirit of harmony and responsibility that is endemic among tourist providers here, many are working together to ensure the safety of all visitors.

One such example is destination management company Liberty Adriatic, who has teamed up with Hotel Intercontinental Ljubljana and other partners. Together they have drawn up and are enforcing procedures, guided by the National Institute of Public Health. These procedures will ensure physical distancing, strict hygiene and safety. At the same time though, it will ensure everyone still gets to enjoy their visit to Slovenia to the fullest, and experience the best that this green and friendly country has to offer.

See for yourself

In this video, you can see a demonstration of how this will look in reality.

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