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Slovenia is a true green destination

Now this is not a marketing gimmick. In 2016 Slovenia was officially declared by the Netherlands-based organisation Green Destinations as the world's first green destination. That same year, the capital city Ljubljana held the title of European Green Capital. Two years prior, Slovenia made it into the list of top 100 sustainable tourist destinations. So there can be no doubt that Slovenia is truly green, and remains one of the most pristine, environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourist destinations in the world. Mind you anyone who lives here or has visited Slovenia before, already knows this.

A world of Beauty in one small country

Slovenia is a mere 20,273 sq kms with a population of just over 2 million. However, being wedged between the European Alps and the Adriatic Sea has created a landscape that changes dramatically across such a small area. Consequently, you’ll find everything you will ever need in one small place. Slovenia offers a world of sights to see, stunning landscapes and is a Mecca for outdoor activities.

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