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Slovenia is a true green destination

Now this is not a marketing gimmick. In 2016 Slovenia was officially declared by the Netherlands-based organisation Green Destinations as the world's first green destination. That same year, the capital city Ljubljana held the title of European Green Capital. Two years prior, Slovenia made it into the list of top 100 sustainable tourist destinations. So there can be no doubt that Slovenia is truly green, and remains one of the most pristine, environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourist destinations in the world. Mind you anyone who lives here or has visited Slovenia before, already knows this.
Saint Thomas Church View
Jamnik Church
Lake Bled from Ojstrica Hill
Lake Bohinj
Hot Air Ballooning over Lake Bled
Lipizanner Horses
Predjama Castle
Vintgar Gorge
Lake Bled from Mala Osojnica Hill
Tartini Square, Piran
Šum Waterfall
Sailing on Lake Bohinj
Family Hiking
Drink pure mineral water from the source

A world of Beauty in one small country

Slovenia is a mere 20,273 sq kms with a population of just over 2 million. However, being wedged between the European Alps and the Adriatic Sea has created a landscape that changes dramatically across such a small area. Consequently, you’ll find everything you will ever need in one small place. Slovenia offers a world of sights to see, stunning landscapes and is a Mecca for outdoor activities.

Plenty of room for safety distance

While Slovenia is growing in popularity, thankfully mass tourism has always been relatively low. Visitors can still enjoy the country’s sights, nature and activities free from large crowds. With such a small population much of the countryside is wild and untouched, making it perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Wide open spaces are always just a few steps away, and in Slovenia it is very easy to avoid other people. If you want to, that is.

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Gourmet Slovenia Tour - best food in Slovenia.

Gourmet Slovenia Tour – Taste the best food in Slovenia

THEY SAY THE best way to experience a country’s history and culture is through its food. This is especially true in Slovenia, where the varied landscape, prime location in the heart of Europe and proximity to countries like Italy, Austria, and Hungary are the perfect recipe for rich culinary journeys.

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Cave under Predjama Castle

Predjama Cave Tour

If you thought that Predjama Castle itself was amazing, then head down below and explore the cave over which it was built. Tours are available from May to September.

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The fabulous Predjama Castle, wedged into a cave opening in a 123-metre tall cliff in Slovenia.

Predjama Castle

Wedged up into the cliff-face of a 123-metre tall cliff is the magnificent Predjama Castle, an impregnable fortress and one of the most fabulous castle views in Slovenia. Learn about its errant knight who kept a whole army at bay by utilizing the caves underneath the castle to sneak out for supplies, and how he was literally caught with his pants down.

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