These timelapses are amazing

While photographing the incredible view of the Church of Saint Thomas as the full moon rose behind it last December, I met local Slovene photographer Luka Pece. During our conversation, he showed me some clips of timelapses that he makes. I was totally amazed at what I saw.

A while ago, Luka emailed me and gave me his website and links to all the timelapses he has so far put together.

Below you can view his amazing timelapse of Ljubljana in December, along with another of Piran.

As the world seems to be going into lockdown this Christmas Ljubljana will be strangely quiet.

So if you can’t travel, then take a journey through Ljubljana during what the locals call “happy December” and then pop down to Piran for some sun.

To see more of Luka’s amazing timelapses, check out this website here:

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