Ljubljana Castle

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Ljubljana Castle

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Grajska planota, Ljubljana, Slovenija, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia 1000

A Contemporary Castle With a Rich History

Standing proudly atop the 375-metre green hill dominating the city centre is the Ljubljana Castle. The castle watches over the city's old town as its people stroll along the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River amid the fascinating baroque and modernist architecture. From its 19th century watchtower, you not only get a commanding view of Ljubljana’s heart and soul, but also the sprawling alpine mountains to the north and Ljubljana Moors to the south.

Hiding behind the lovely ancient walls is a rich world of historical, cultural and other entertaining content. When you want to reach for the sun, or feel like a different perspective of the world then head on up this lovely hilltop and experience the wonders of Ljubljana Castle.

Guided tours

Ljubljana Castle is a completely renovated medieval castle, originally built around 11th century. If you would like to take a guided tour then why not try out our unique Time Machine tour. More info here:

How to get to the castle

You can get to the castle either by walking or taking the funicular.

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