Craft Beer Tasting in Ljubljana

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Craft Beer Tasting in Ljubljana

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Holidays' Pub, Slovenska cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia

Taste the best craft beers in Slovenia all under one roof

Why go on a pub crawl in Ljubljana when you can drink all the different kinds of craft beer you want in one place? This craft beer tasting event at Holidays' Pub in the centre of Ljubljana offers you the chance to sample a wide range of craft beers all under one roof, and in great company too.

This is a must for beer lovers! Slovenia is a remarkable land of craft beer. On this dedicated beer tasting evening you can experience our craft beer tradition to your stomach's content, make friends with other beer lovers and raise a glass to the best nightlife in Ljubljana!

  • Taste 6 Slovenian craft beers from different regions presented by our Beer Geek
  • Learn must-know & fun beer facts

What's it all about?

Not long ago, the battle for beermaking was dominated by only two big brewers. However, over the last ten years Slovenia has experienced a craft beer revolution. All over the country microbreweries have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain. And their beer is simply the best!

On this beer tasting event you get to experience the most exquisite flavours made by some of Slovenia’s top craft breweries. Beers from a variety of regions around the country will be available for you to sample, or even guzzle.

Not only will you drink lots of great beer, but also learn some incredibly interesting fun facts about craft beer. At this event, you won't be drinking on an empty stomach though. Lots of delicious snacks will be provided to help sustain you during this two-hour-long drinkathon.

Enjoy the company of like-minded beer lovers in a Ljubljana pub and listen to a beer sommelier as he guides your taste buds through a world of flavours. You'll learn things about beer you never knew, including local anecdotes, traditions, history, all complemented by a bunch of exciting beer-related activities you won’t easily forget.

You’ll taste some IPA, stout as well as sour beer; the perfect refreshment after a day sightseeing. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and sip away till your belly gurgles.

Let’s get our beer on. Cheers!

What do you get?

  • 6 Slovenian craft beers
  • Delicious appetizers
  • Presented by a beer expert
  • Become a certified ambassador of Slovenian beer
  • A special souvenir of the evening

Price: 35€ / person

  • The 2-hour craft beer tasting event starts daily at 7 pm.
  • Sign up is required to reserve your spot.
  • The tasting is conducted in English.
  • Contact us for private groups bookings.
Price: 35€ / person
Additional info:

Q: What kind of beer will we be tasting?
A: 6 of the best local beers from different beer producing regions of Slovenia.

Q: Who is this tasting for?
A: Anyone who’s interested in getting to know Slovenian beer. Perfect for both novice and expert beer tasters.

Q: Where is it held?
A: The tasting is held in a pub, right in the heart of city centre. If you book it on Wednesday, you can prolong it to Karaoke night 🙂 Good times never stop!

Interesting facts

  • There are more than 100 microbreweries in Slovenia which has a population of just 2 million.
  • On average, Slovenians drink almost 100L of beer yearly.
  • Slovenia is the world's 7th largest exporter of hops.
  • The best German and Czech Lagers are often made from Slovenian hops.
  • The only beer fountain in the world, which operates from April 1st to the end of October, is in Žalec, a 45-minute drive from Ljubljana.
  • In Slovenia in a small place called Laško, you can challenge yourself in the world’s first escape room about beer brewing.


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