Explorer International Summer Camps for Kids

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Explorer International Summer Camps for Kids

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Sela 5, Osilnica, Slovenija, Southern Slovenia 1337

A Summer camp for kids in Europe's greenest destination

Explorer International Kids' Camps is an English summer camp for kids and teens based in Slovenia. Situated in the heart of southern Europe, Slovenia has an enviable reputation as the world’s first green destination, and for good reason.

On our camps, children aged 6 to 17 spend 1-3 adventure-filled weeks having fun in the beautiful outdoors. They spend this time doing activities aimed at building important life skills while being completely immersed in an international environment.

Technology free kids camps

We run a technology free kids camps. In an average school week, your child spends over 3,150 minutes in front of a screen, NOT including the time they spend on schoolwork. However, they spend ONLY 51 minutes in the outdoors.

At our summer camps children completely unplug from technology, spending ZERO minutes on their phones or in front of a screen. Instead, in an average week campers spend 3,380 minutes reconnecting with the incredible outdoors in more than 50 challenging but fun outdoor activities. Whether it be in the nearby Kolpa River, or the surrounding Osilnica mountain range and plains, your child is guaranteed to have fun in the fresh air.

Teaching your children skills they would never learn in school

Each camp activity is specifically created to stimulate and challenge your child to build essential life skills not typically taught at schools. They're encouraged by experienced adult supervision to step outside of their comfort zones and try something they haven't done before. On top of this, they're expertly guided in taking healthy risks and learning from their mistakes. They have real-life lessons in nature.

Our team of camp educators love what they do

The heart of Explorer Kids' Camps is, without doubt, our deeply affectionate, caring, and experienced team of educators. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all share the same belief in the power and magic of summer campers, and the passion and drive to support children in becoming happier, healthier, and better world citizens. We love what we do and your children feel that.

When talking to campers, a key component of these camps is giving them the freedom and responsibility to schedule large parts of their own days. As a result, they're not only happier but their organisational, communication and creative skills are further developed. Plus, they point out that being surrounded by more than 36 different nationalities not only pushes them to communicate in English but more importantly teaches them vital cross-cultural understanding and empathy that would normally be impossible in their daily lives.

Don't just take our word for it, ask the kids

So ... why Explorer Camps? Well, over 70% of our campers come back every year and believe it's the best place to be in summer, and the best summer camp for kids in Europe. When kids and teens are happy to give up their smartphones and tablets for 3 weeks, you know they are having fun.

Why don't you contact us to find out more?

Additional info:

Our summer camp is renowned for its approach to health and safety with very specific plans for all aspects of camping. The staff are all trained and certified in 1st Aid, plus have extensive training in all areas of camping and outdoor recreation, with an emphasis on creating a warm, and supportive atmosphere for campers.

Due to the current situation in the world, Explorer Camps is using protocol listed by the American Camping Association in how to prepare for and deal with COVID-19 while on camp. Such measures demonstrate our focus on ensuring our Explorer family comes first before anything else.

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