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Predjama Castle, Predjama, Slovenia, Postojna, The Western Karst

Visit the Cave under Predjama Castle

If you thought that Predjama Castle itself was amazing, then head down below and explore Predjama Cave over which it was built.

The Second Longest Slovenian Show Cave

The cave under Predjama Castle is the second-longest Slovenian show cave and covers four floors. Each section is interconnected, except for Erazem's Hole and Erazem's Passage on the top floor. So far over 14 kilometres of caves have been discovered. The section that is open to visitors is 700 metres long and includes the Stables, the Main Passage, the Cave of Names, the Great Hall, and Fiženca, where the exit to the surface is located.

The cave is open to visitors from May to September.

This tour is available to the general public. No special clothing or footwear is needed for a visit to this section of the cave. There is no electric lighting inside but tour participants are given torches when entering the cave.

The cave tour is not available in winter as it's inhabited by a colony of hibernating bats.

Date: 1 May 2021 - 30 September 2021 00:00
Price: €10.90
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